Is TDP planning to contest from Khammam seat?

TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu is intensifying efforts to enter Telangana politics. Teaming up with the BJP in Andhra Pradesh, Naidu is keen on extending the alliance to Telangana.

Reports suggest that the alliance with the BJP could potentially extend to Telangana, with a proposal to allocate the Khammam seat to TDP. Naidu highlighted the party’s strong cadre in Khammam and emphasized the potential for electoral success based on caste integration, thereby pushing for the seat.

While the BJP has announced candidates for 15 seats, the decisions regarding Warangal and Khammam are pending. There’s a campaign to grant the Warangal ticket to Aroori Ramesh, a recent BJP entrant.

However, there’s also speculation within the BJP leadership about granting the Khammam seat to TDP. Some party seniors, including BJP state president Kishan Reddy, oppose this move, fearing it may dilute the alliance’s focus on Andhra Pradesh.

Despite opposition, there are voices within the BJP suggesting potential benefits from accommodating TDP. They argue that such a move could bolster the cadre strength of the alliance across the state. However, concerns linger about the implications for BJP’s own candidates, particularly those like Jalagam Venkata Rao, who joined the party with hopes of securing the Khammam ticket.