If you have guts, come for an early election: KTR dares BJP

Minister KT Rama Rao has challenged the BJP if they had guts should come for an early elections. Dismissing the empty talk and false propaganda, he was replying to a query at a press meet at Nizamabad on Saturday.

The minister took part in various developmental programmes earlier. He inaugurated the much awaited ultra modern building IT Towers as part of the state government’s decision to extend IT services in Tier II cities in Telangana. Also laid a foundation for a big cultural complex Kala Bharathi.

He advised the local BJP MP D Aravind to stop his cheap talk and mind his language. He also objected to their remarks that all the welfare of Telangana government like Mission Bhagiratha are all copied by central government and not vice versa. If their claim is true they should show and I am ready to give up my post, he asserted.

Mr KTR demanded that the Centre should make enough budgetary allocations to the Telangana state as over 40 proposals were pending be it national status to irrigation project, Bayyaram Steel Factory, allocation of Navodaya schools among others.

The centre was collecting one rupee from Telangana and giving back only fourty six paise. Still they claim they are developing Telangana state. Even the so-called highways are not funded by the central government but built on PPP mode and later being collected from the public through toll tax, KTR said.

He added that in the past all 14 prime ministers in 67 years borrowed Rs. 57 lakh crore but Modi borrowed Rs. 100 lakh crore. All prices – fuel and essential commodities were increased and burdened the lives of the poor.

Mr KTR urged people to be cautious against the BJP and Congress leaders making false promises to mislead them to win the election and derail the ongoing welfare and development of Telangana under the able leadership of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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