Hyderabad Tax Revenue – Some Spirited Facts!

Seemandhra leaders have been deliberately spreading false information about revenues from Hyderabad. They put the share of Hyderabad in AP’s revenue anywhere between 60% to 80%. This is nothing but an attempt to misguide the people and also the national leaders at Delhi.

Most of the revenue that is being attributed to Hyderabad city is actually revenue from state taxes. These include Sales Tax, Excise Tax etc.

The simple fact , many government and private organizations are now paying the taxes of all 23 districts in AP at Hyderabad.  It is plain common sense that these organizations would henceforth start paying the taxes of 13 Seemandhra districts in the new Seemandhra capital city.

To illustrate this further, we take the example of AP Beverages Corporation, which runs the liquor wholesale business in the state.

AP Beverages Corporation has earned Rs 14,370 Crores for the year 2012-2013. All this revenue was shown as Hyderabad’s revenue until now.

But a district-wise break down of the same revenue shows that while Seemandhra accounts for Rs 7600 Crores, Telangana accounts only for Rs 6770 Crores (Source: AP Beverages Corporation Ltd)

Hypothetically speaking, once Telangana is formed, Hyderabad would get only a paltry Rs 6770 Crores, while the new Seemandhra capital would get about Rs 7600 Crores as Excise revenue.

These figures prove beyond doubt that the propaganda by Seemandhra leaders about Hyderabad’s revenue is a big fat lie!

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