Hyderabad Police launch ‘Hawk Eye’ mobile app for Women Safety

As part of its initiative to become a citizen-friendly and responsive force, Hyderabad Police today launched a mobile phone application to empower members of the public, improve their security and reach out to them at the time of distress.

The app, ‘Hawk Eye’, seeks to turn common people into Citizen Police and involve them into checking crimes, curbing unlawful activities and traffic violations. Launching ‘Hawk Eye’, Police Commissioner M Mahender Reddy said this app has features on women safety while on travel and a SOS button for accessing help in emergency situations, among others. Citizen Police can also report traffic violations, information on criminal activities, contravention of law on part of personnel in uniform, suggestions for improving policing and also good work done by the force, Reddy said. He said a major area of concern is women’s safety during travel, especially for those who are employed. In this regard the app has ‘women travel made safe’ feature.

“This feature helps in ensuring women’s safety while travelling. Whenever a woman boards any type of conveyance, she just has to click photograph or record video of the vehicle, note down its number and send online to police, who will take necessary steps if any problem arises,” Reddy said. The SOS feature is useful for accessing the police for help in emergencies, the city police chief said. On the occasion, Reddy explained several other useful features which are part of the mobile application.


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