Hyderabad is a new destination for white-collar jobs.


Hyderabad city ranks the best city for white-collar jobs and second best in the provision of jobs in IT and BJP jobs.

According to the Monster employment index report, compared to Bangalore and Delhi, Hyderabad city is offering 15 percent more jobs. In white-collar jobs, Mumbai with 23 percent stands first while Coimbatore with 19 percent in the second position.

Hyderabad stands second top city in the provision of IT jobs. Since May 2021, compared to 13 cities in the country, there was a phenomenal increase in IT jobs in Hyderabad city and stands in second place including Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai cities. New Delhi occupies the first place.

Every year, there was an increase in IT jobs in Hyderabad and as per the annual report for 2021-2022, there are 1,49,506 new jobs taking the total IT and ITES employees to a total of 7,78,121. This is an increase of 23.78 percent. Compared to 2013 – 2014, this was 140 percent more.

This was not an overnight development or mercy of central government. This was purely due to the industry-friendly policies rolled out by the ruling TRS government and sheer hard work by IT minister Mr K T Rama Rao who relentlessly pursued several companies including the global giants to come and witness the prevailing and congenial infrastructure and atmosphere they have developed during their eight- year-old regime. He succeeded in bringing many companies to Hyderabad city. With this, not only the locals but people from across the globe are employed in the IT companies here slowly converting Hyderabad city into a cosmopolitan city.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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