Hyderabad city will have no drinking problem till 2070.



Laying foundation for intake well works at Sunkishala in Nalgonda, the municipal administration minister Mr KTR has said the city will have enough drinking water for decades to come.
Many metro cities are suffering from one or other problem particularly the drinking water, but Hyderabad has no such problems.
It was estimated that Hyderabad needs 70.97 tmc by 2072.
By launching the works at Sunkishala with Rs 1450 crore, 16 tmc will be lifted from.
Mr KTR said Hyderabad city will get water from both the rivers Krishna and Godavari.
The visionary chief minister Mr KCR is an asset to Telangana.
The Minister observed that the city will be spread in about 100 kilometers. Plans are being made to supply drinking water both inside and outside the ring road.
Unlike other metro cities, Hyderabad will never have any problem but it will only expand and witness further growth.
The minister said there were cities in the country that got drinking water through railway tankers. Other cities had other problems.
Luckily we had visionary CM Mr KCR.
There were times in Hyderabad where every day there used to be protests at the water board office with empty pots. Now things have changed for the better.
The TRS regime has made a lot of changes in the state and solving future drinking water problems in Hyderabad is one such, the minister said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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