How Civil is our Civil Aviation Ministry

By: Soonya

The news that the Civil Aviation Ministry has ordered GMR to name the domestic terminal as NTR Domestic Terminal comes as a shocker.

The people who terminated NTR and his spirit want the terminal to be named after him. What an irony. And that too in another state!

It is only possible for our cultural imperialists and local-same-language-speaking-colonizers.

When you want to forget what a great man stands for, you erect a statue or name a road or a park or an airport after him. That allows you to get rid of your guilt, and you can live life as usual – forgetting the spirit of the person whom you apparently respect!

It is unusual for a Chief Minister of another state seeking to name an airport in some other state!

It would have been appropriate if the recommendation of AP chief minister were agreed upon when Telangana was not born.

One must wonder at the cheek and the arrogance and the lobbying of our Andhra brothers!

And the all-powerful PM seems to have no power where the Andhra lobby is concerned!

Can we ask Kamaraj International Airport be named after NTR because NTR felt that Chennai is his Karmabhoomi and sought drinking water with the name of Telugu Ganga?

NTR, even while paying his debt to Chennai or Madras called it Telugu Ganga! And not Tamil Ganga!

How could the honorable minister who is known for sagacity, honesty and humility suddenly spring this not so intelligent decision?

The act betrays once again the expansionist, colonialist and cultural imperialist mind-set of our Andhra leaders.

Will the new government of Andhra Pradesh name their new international airport in Vijayawada or Visakhapattanam as Osmania International Airport? Or Qutbshahi International Airport? Or Asafzahi International Airport?

After all Machilipatnam or Bandar as they call it was under Nizam’s dominion once upon a time, and for quite some time!

Me thinks, we should protest strongly, and demand that the Civil Aviation ministry change the name/s of Shamshabad Airport: the international terminal as Rani Rudramadevi International Airport and the domestic terminal as Osmania Terminal or Komuram Bheem Domestic Terminal.

Chinta sachina, pulpulu saavale!

And the less said about the BeJaanParty, the better!

Bada, bhai bada bhai, chota bhai subhanallah! Our local Reddy saheb who has been promoted to national secretary of the ruling party at Delhi seems to have lost his voice!

And our Laxmans cannot cross the yellow Laxman Rekha! Cannot influence Delhi to get our cultural heritage protected or made prominent. So much for their love for Telangana!

Venukaiah gaari venuka vundutlane sari potundi veerandariki!

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