Are our real concerns getting sidelined?

By: Vijayshree

In all the fog created, by the ruckus, over power crisis and farmer’s suicides, by the Andhra Media; are all our genuine concerns getting sidelined? It looks like a Big YES. Enough has been said and done or is still being said and done, over just these two topics, since ages, I feel, but, which is exactly five and half months, I think. And once the Andhra media starts off, our own people readily join the bandwagon and start chanting that, the government should’ve resolved this crisis in that barely, born time, of just four months.

What I am saying, is, because we are busy defending the government against such senseless attacks, we are hesitating in expressing, our thoughts, over what we can see, as things which should’ve never been there in TRS government’s agenda. I do not really like Ideas like tall buildings around Tank Bund, not just because it is a huge burden on the exchequer, but also, aesthetically it is jarring. Why are we always trying to be another country, and not just be – good old Hyderabad? Build a green cover around it, not skyscrapers. I will give a big veto, for such ideas.

I feel as if a mockery of our plight is being made of, both by the TRS government and the opposition. First of all, we knew, with the kind of leadership, that our opposition has, we would never, have a proper opposition and looking at all the issues raised by them, makes me feel, we were right, all the time. Look at what T-BJP found it worth creating an issue over-Hoisting a flag in the Golconda Fort on Independence Day and, appointing Sania Mirza as the brand ambassador of Telangana. Pity them, for being, so narrow minded.

And what can we say about the brainchild of CBN-Revanth Reddy. If Lokesh is his birth child, Revanth is as, much of a brain child, as the fake encounters and fake development mantra of CBN, is. Only from the dark matter in someone’s brains, can, a betrayer and traitor like Revanth, who gets elected from Telangana but fights for Andhra’s cause, be born.

T-Congress leaders, raise a din about its thinning flock. So where does it leave people who are unemployed and on the roads, still looking towards Dubai or Mumbai for a job. What is TRS doing for them? It was unemployment which was the main issue all along, right from 1952-non mulki movement to the 1969 movement to the recent one, which culminated in the birth of Telangana.

TRS is coming up with a single window policy, for setting up Industries, but what I want to know is –Do you have a policy for encouraging Telangana entrepreneurs? How are you going to ensure easy access to financial resources for them, to set up business? Are there any Banks or Financial Institutions which are going to be, instructed or formed, to help these people to gain that access? Are we giving adequate publicity for such a policy, if it exists, to enable, many of our people to utilize such a facility?

-And all those investments which will come up using our lands; are we having a monitoring cell to ensure, natives get a major share of employment in such ventures and that they strictly adhere to anti-pollution laws? Is mindful development our mantra or a mindless one, like that of Uttarakhand? Creating a business friendly, environment for attracting investments is one side; while the other side is: not to make it, a free for all, resulting in destruction of a fragile habitat, which is what, happened with Himachal, Uttarakhand, and Jharkand.

-Are we having some kind of counselling centres to instil confidence amongst our youth, who have lost all hope and are nibbling at whatever grass has been growing, in the shape of menial jobs unsuited to their qualifications. Just barely existing while thinking of better times ahead, which we are all hoping TRS is working hard towards making it happen.

-You had spoken of regularization of contract employees, and had constituted a committee for it, where is the committee’s report, or when is it going to come? Are you really talking to the right people and have you opened a desk, to address all questions pertaining to this regularization? May be if you are more open about it, people will not get agitated.

-We know there are a lot of mafias working in Telangana, Seed Mafia and steep cost of Pesticides are pushing the cost of farming beyond the bearable kind. How are we dealing with these?

We wish to know the steps taken, in these directions, not just statistics thrown at us, on the number of jobs, which are going, to be created. Only and only, when we see, our youth gaining confidence and self esteem, that yes, something is being done and it is just a matter of time, before we will pick the pieces of our lives, will I believe that there are signs of change, coming.

Until then I rest my case. My worry is that -we are simply letting our agenda get hijacked by the Andhra Media, it is time we wrest it back and put it, in our control. We should decide our agenda, and create space, for sensible discussion. We will not let people who never cared about Telangana, raise a dust storm, over nothing, where the real issues, escape our attention.

That is the whole thing, ‘They will show only, what they want us to see, drawing a veil, over what we should actually, be having a look at. Diverting attention, like thieves do, exactly that, is happening right now. Attention diverting gangs: is what Andhra media is.’ Unfortunately, we are blindly walking into their traps and our genuine concerns getting sidelined.

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