GHMC to use camera mounted Vehicles

To monitor sanitation, roads & other services remotely, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has introduced ‘NMoS – Nano Monitoring System’, where the camera mounted Monitoring Vehicles will be used for close monitoring of the sanitation works in the city.

The vehicles were unveiled by M. Dana Kishore, Commissioner, GHMC at their head office in Hyderabad.

The GHMC has come up with the slogan ‘Shaan Hyderabad, Saaf Hyderabad’ to spread awareness amongst the people.

M. Dana Kishore, Commissioner, GHMC said that the modern technology is being used for sanitation purpose.

The Nano vehicle comes with a display and 3 CCTV Cameras which will capture the movements of the people who are throwing the garbage, releasing the sewage water etc on the roads, streets, lanes, bi-lanes etc. The captured pictures will be sent to the Command Control Room. Interestingly, the officials are planning to impose fines on the spot on those who litter junk.

A nano-vehicle is being deployed at Khairatabad Zone and within a week, each zone will be equipped with one vehicle. To bring in more efficiency at the work, GHMC is using ‘Swachh VIGIL’ App where the citizens can send pictures, and videos.

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