GCTA celebrates Bonalu in Ohio

Bonalu and Family Picnic 2013 event was successfully organized by Greater Cincinnati Telangana Association (GCTA). This Bonalu event was celebrated second year in a row in Greater Cincinnati of Ohio by at least 150 people from in and around Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky Area.

Bonalu is a Hindu festival devoted to goddess Mahankali, celebrated in Hyderabad, Secunderabad and all Districts of Telangana. GCTA brings this Bonalu festive season to the people of greater Cincinnati of Ohio in USA. Bonalu & Family Picnic started on July 14th 2013 at 11am with people trickling in slowly.

The event started with ladies who were traditionally dressed with Bonalu (a meal in Telugu, is an offering to the Goddess) on their heads. Cincinnati NRIs played rhythmic beats of folk music and ladies offered holy cooked food to mother goddess. Ladies sung songs in praise of Maata Ji. The procession  started with pomp and fervor. Families prayed mother goddess, offered doopam and naivaidyam i.e. holy food to the mother goddess.

After the prayers, all savored delicious Telangana delicacies which included all special Non-Veg curries, Veggies snacks and various mouth-watering dishes. All danced and sang songs in mother’s glory. Kids actively involved in various outdoor sports activities such as corn-hole, tug-of war, cricket and Frisbee.

Some of the elders, who are visiting U.S, also came to attend. They spoke very emotionally and were very surprised and very much happy to see the celebrations which were done in a traditional way. People celebrated with great enthusiasm and devoted to mother goddess. People of all ages participated in this event. This activity brought many memories from back home.

GCTA exhibits digital art photo gallery which was captured from various Bonala Jatara by Arjun Maddy who is a multi-talented artist. Participants were mesmerized at his artistic depictions and connected to back home jatara visual treat.

Finally Core team members thanked everyone in helping organize the event. The event was a great success because of the hard work and contributions of the following GCTA members Venu Kaila, Seetaram Boyenpally, Ganesh Kota, Sridhar Reddy Palley, Shobhan Ponna, Suresh Deverakonda, Chandra Madichetty, Vishweswar Reddy Gatla and Purma Reddy Nalla. Participants appreciated the efforts of food co-ordinators Vijaya Chatla, Lakshmi Reddy, Radhika Reddy Nalla and Vasavi Boyenpally.

Special Thanks to Prasad Meegada , Narayana Chatla, Pavan Marri and Prabhakar Reddy Rampa for their valuable efforts to make this event a grand success.

Over all, it was a great event that exceeded every ones expectations. All the participants were very pleased with the event.

Greater Cincinnati Telangana Association (GCTA)

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

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