12 steps to Telangana Statehood


By: Anita Saluja

New Delhi: The Congress-led UPA government is gearing itself to set in motion the process of creating the separate state of Telangana. It has been given a timeline of 215 days, which can be expedited, given the urgency of the situation. Talking to The Hans India on Tuesday, AICC General Secretary in-charge of Andhra Pradesh Digvijay Singh explained that a resolution on the separate state of Telangana has to be moved in the State Legislature but it will not be binding on the Centre to abide by it.

“Whatever the outcome of the Assembly, the Centre can always take its own decision, even overruling the opinion of the State Assembly.” He clarified that there was no need for the Constitution Amendment and the Telangana Bill can be passed by a simple majority. Asked when the CWC will be convened, he said that it was the discretion of the Congress President.

According to sources, as soon as the CWC takes a decision, which is now considered to be a mere formality, the process of creating Telangana will be set in motion. As per the time-line handed over by the Home Ministry to the Congress President for the creation of a separate state, there are around 12 steps required to be taken. In case of Telangana becoming a reality, a maximum of seven months time is required for the completion of the process.

According to sources, depending upon the urgency and the sentiments of the people of Telangana, the process can be expedited. The UPA government will be keen to complete the process ahead of the 2014 elections. The CWC may therefore be convened at the earliest, though given the time line, it may not be passed in the monsoon session of Parliament and may spill over to the winter session, just before the Lok Sabha polls.

Meanwhile, Digvijay Singh on Tuesday reacted to the controversy over the leak in sections of the media about the presentation made by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy in the Congress Core Group on July 12. “What is discussed inside the Congress Core Group is never revealed to the media,” was the cryptic remark of Digvijay Singh. Asked whether Hyderabad would be made into a Union Territory in the event of division of Andhra Pradesh, Digvijay Singh said, “I do not comment on such things.”


1. The resolution for the creation of the separate state will be prepared by the Union Home Ministry that will take around 10 days.
2. A Cabinet note will be prepared that will take 30 days.
3. The note will then go to the Group of Ministers (GoMs) that will require 90 days.
4. A Cabinet note will again be firmed-up that will be inclusive of the State Reorganisation Bill and the Recommendation of the GoM, that will again require 15 days.
5. It will go to the Cabinet for its approval that may take 7 days before forwarding it to the President.
6. The President will refer the Bill to the State Legislature for its opinion, which requires about 2 days.
7. The State Assembly and Council will require 30 days for considering the same. The Legislature will vote upon the Bill and send it back to the Centre. Significantly, the views expressed by the State Legislature are not binding on the President or Parliament.
8. The Bill at the Centre will be vetted by the Ministry of Law that takes another 7 days.
9. Accordingly, the Cabinet Note will be prepared in about five days time.
10. Two days will be required for giving notice for the introduction of the Bill.
11. 15 days will be required for the Bill to be passed by both the Houses of Parliament by simple majority, like any other piece of ordinary legislation.
12. President’s Assent, which requires two days.

Courtesy: The Hans India

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