Fast-paced development, innovative welfare schemes mark the second term TRS govt

The second term of the TRS government completes four years in office and including the first term, it has completed eight-and-half-years in power in the newly born Telangana state. Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao who espoused the cause of the separate Telangana movement was elected to the office of chief minister in 2014.

Ever since he took over the office, he came up with many lofty plans and thoroughly executed them one by one – be it development projects such as the stupendous Kaleshwaram irrigation project or welfare schemes covering every section of the society.

He ensured that both development and welfare operate on the same plane and same pace. Mr Rao vowed to focus more on education and health in his second term in office and accordingly, those sectors witnessed tangible development. He also kept up his promise of jobs and has notified over 80,000 jobs in addition to the recently notified jobs in R&B, Education, police, and Heath departments.

Under the Mana Ooru – Mana Badi, the government has renovated 26,000 government schools and in the first phase, it had taken up 9,123 schools with Rs 3,497.62 crores. Be it per capita income or per capita power consumption, Telangana ranks top among the states in the country.

The paddy production, fish, and meat production witnessed phenomenal growth in the recent past, thanks to the visionary chief minister Mr Rao. Similarly, in terms of increased green cover and sanitation in rural parts, the state stands top and scores of awards under Swacha Sarvekshan vouch for the fact.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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