Experience the ‘Untold Telangana’

Telangana is a state with a rich and vibrant history. From Kakatiyas to Qutub Shahis, the region has been home to many empires and dynasties.

Be it burials of the Paleolithic age or designed constructions from the ancient and medieval times, Telangana state has a variety of great works of architecture and sculptures.

Aravind Arya Pakide, a journalism graduate has made an honest attempt to exhibit the historic sculptures with his photo exhibition named ‘The Untold Telangana: Tales of the Forgotten Past’ at ICCR Art Gallery at Ravindra Bharathi.

The exhibition showcases many historic sculptures which went into history, untold. Aravind traveled across Telangana and captured 750 historic sites which were less known to the world. From Karimnagar’s rock-cut cave temples to Murals of Pillalamarri, the exhibition displays historically rich sculptures.

One should not miss the interesting pictures of Devunigutta, Mylaram caves and Gollatha Gudi sites which are not only beautiful but also have archaeological importance.

“I have researched on every historic site I have visited. I want every Telanganite to know the importance of our history. This is the main purpose of the photo exhibition,” said Aravind.

Talking about the importance of the monuments and rock arts, the young historian says, “People spend 70 to 80 years of their lifetime on one sculpture. It is sad to see youngsters scribble on these monuments. They will lose the historic importance.”

Aravind actively plays a role in preserving the rock arts and sculptures. He
conducts awareness programs and heritage walks where he tells people the importance and history of the monuments and rocks.

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