Etela Rajender stopped Dalith Bandhu, Election Commission says

The Election Commission said that Etela Rajender complained against Dalit Bandhu scheme.
One Mohan of Huzurabad constituency sought information from the Election Commission of India (ECI) under Right to Information Act as to who complained against Dalit Bandhu scheme. In its reported letter to the activist Mohan, the ECI said they received complaints from various political parties and candidates including Etela Rajender complained that the scheme was aimed at influencing voters in favour of the ruling TRS party. He urged the ECI to direct the TRS government to stop the implementation of the scheme in the Huzurabad constituency.
The TRS leaders accused Etela Rajender of adopting double standards. He was telling voters that he was responsible for the scheme while complaining against its implementation at the same time. Earlier, the BJP leader Gujjula Premender Reddy too allegedly complained against the Dalit Bandhu scheme. The letter from Election Commission went viral in social media and the BJP cadre too was worried about the impact of the truth that unfolded now.

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