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Dissent brewing within BJP against Bandi Sanjay

Unmindful statements, threats to seniors and loyalists, cheap talk against fellow leaders of other parties – all earned nothing but only profanities from all sides including within the party to BJP state president Bandi Sanjay.

He will be left alone and may soon fall out of the grace of the party’s high command with his abhorrent behaviour. He reportedly refused to give up the party president’s post even if the party offered him a berth in the union cabinet. He also prevented the leadership from giving it to fellow MP D Aravind. After knowing this, Aravind came out all open against Sanjay.

The allegations by the BJP national executive former member, senior, and loyal RSS worker Perala Shekhar Rao are being viewed seriously. He accused Bandi Sanjay of colluding with the granite mafia, resorting to private settlements, insulting the seniors within the party, and taking bribes for party posts from the party cadres.

Sanjay’s recent talk against BRS MLA K Kavitha and asking youth to put aside their studies and duties to help BJP to come to power in Telangana were condemned by one and all. His statements that bull-dozer model will be implemented in Telangana if BJP came to power was viewed as profanity.

Senior BJP leader Kannam Anjaiah accused Bandi Sanjay of maintaining his own group and humiliating the seniors who strived hard for the party at difficult times.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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