Did Revanth hoodwink Congress leaders with corporation posts?

The appointment of chairpersons to 37 corporations appears to be a mere political stunt. The leaked list of 37 corporation chairpersons lacks official confirmation as Government Orders were not released. Till now, no one has officially assumed the role of chairperson, leading to speculation and frustration.

Critics argue that the Congress’s rise to power was a stroke of luck, and even after 100 days, the party has failed to bolster its presence across the state. Internal surveys reveal a lack of enthusiasm among grassroots leaders, prompting the joining of leaders from other parties and the reliance on sitting MPs and BRS leaders for tickets.

Rumors abound that corporation posts will be announced, but only one leaked list surfaced before the Lok Sabha polla, suggesting a political ploy. Experts predict that more than half of the listed names may change before any official announcements can be made.

Meanwhile, those named as corporation chairpersons are already making demands at the secretariat, inquiring about perks such as office space, salaries, vehicles, personal assistants, and even security details. Their requests for modifications to their chambers add to the confusion, leaving officials overwhelmed.

The leaked list of chairpersons for 37 corporations