Day dreams of Telangana BJP



The BJP leaders appear to be in a day dreaming mode with just one public meeting at Mahabubnagar the other day.
The public turnout seems to have robbed their intellect and started dreaming of forming a government in Telangana in the next elections.
The BJP leaders are very bitter over the chief minister Mr KCR and his family. Having no issues to tell people, they went on telling that everything in Telangana is being done by Modi.
But they failed to tell people about rythu bandhu, rythu bheema, shaadi mubarak and so on if implemented in BJP ruled states?
The caustic remarks being made by the bjp leaders against Mr KCR and his family are only making them cheap among people rather win any sympathy to them.
While Ms DK Aruna went on telling that every scheme is funded by Mr Modi government, others say they will get Mr KCR arrested alleging corruption charges.
There seems to be no rhyme and reason for their arguement or criticism.
There was no stuff even in the speech of BJP national president Mr JP Nadda too.
People of Telangana are bored by the rhetoric of Mr Kishan Reddy and others who have nothing to criticize about policies and programmes but just attack CM Mr KCR and his family members.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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