Rahul Gandhi should introspect instead of touring Telangana.



Agriculture minister S Niranjan Reddy said the farm sector was neglected by the Congress party but now talking about farmers.

Mr Rahul Gandhi has no moral right to organize a public meeting in Telangana.

In an open letter, the minister demanded an apology from Rahul Gandhi.

State planning commission vice Chairman Mr B Vinod Kumar sought to know if Rahul Gandhi had any knowledge about agriculture. He also wanted to know if the Congress ruled states are implementing the policies of TRS government.

MLC Mr Palla Rajeswar Reddy advised Mr Rahul Gandhi not to just read the script of TPCC but know the policies and programmes being implemented by the TRS government in Telangana.

The TRS leaders said the plight of farmers in Rajasthan and Chattisgarh is very pathetic.

In Rajasthan borewells are not working due to power cuts.

In both the Congress ruled states, farmers are angry with respective governments.

Rather addressing their problems, Mr Rahul Gandhi is touring Telangana to instigate farmers here.

The TRS leaders further pointed out that Mr Rahul Gandhi never ever spoke in Parliament in support of Telangana or its farmers. That was his commitment. He wants to come to power in Telangana but does not want to do anything to people here.


Gollapudi srinivasa Rao

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