Craving for power makes Opposition leaders mentally deranged.

People of Telangana found BJP leader Bandi Sanjay’s remarks at Ekta Yatra in Karimnagar that let the masjids be demolished to find Shivlingas found distasteful.

Mr Sanjay challenged AIMIM to dig up all masjids in Telangana and if they found dead bodies the place would be given to the masjid and if they find Shivlinga, they will take over to build the temple. The statement was very bad in taste and only reflected how desperate the BJP leaders are for craving power in Telangana in the next election. They do not seem to mind dividing people and incite violence to achieve their aim.

The BJP leaders lost their mental balance and were issuing statements without any rhyme and reason.

Similarly, the remarks made by TPCC president Mr Revanth Reddy that only Reddys’ can flourish in politics were opposed by many leaders within the party. One by one came out lashing out at him for his casteist remarks.

Former MP Madhu Yaskhi wrote an open letter asking for an explanation from Mr Revanth Reddy. Leaders from every caste SC, BC, and OC – all became chief ministers in the Congress party. Even Today, the AICC treats all castes as equal and never favours just one caste.

Both the BJP and Congress leaders appear very eager and are assuming that they are going to win the elections in Telangana in the next general elections. They seem to be completely ignorant of the field-level situations. Neither of the parties is connected with people at the village level. They were restricted to spreading false propaganda on social media and addressing media conferences and the only subject is to criticise the ruling TRS party and the chief minister Mr KCR.

It takes time for them to learn their lessons, people opine.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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