Congress, TDP, TJS, YSRTP: Maha Kutami back in Telangana to hoodwink people

Maha Kutami, the grand alliance, is back in Telangana for the ensuing assembly elections albeit this time with a different facade. In 2018 elections, the Congress party, TDP, TJS, and the communist parties allied to fight the BRS but in vain. This time instead of entering into an electoral alliance, TDP, TJS, and the new entrant YSRTP are extending external support to the Congress rather than contesting as an alliance.

Irony is the TDP and the YSRTP parties which made tall claims of contesting in the elections have opted out from the poll fray. Much to the dismay of the cadre, both the parties have surrendered themselves to the Congress party.

Irked by the decision of the TDP president Chandrababu Naidu to stay away from Telangana elections, its state unit president, senior BC leader Kasani Gnaneshwar Mudiraj resigned from the party and joined the BRS. Though the state leadership wanted to fight elections in Telangana, it appears that Naidu wants to help his disciple TPCC president Revanth Reddy. Even the cadre of Telangana TDP expressed their dissatisfaction at Naidu’s decision.

Coming to the YSRTP, the party’s chief YS Sharmila tried her best to merge her party into the Congress. But her efforts were futile as the TPCC president Revanth Reddy was against her inclusion in the Congress. Sharmila also made a sharp attack on the Congress party very recently but surprisingly she announced her support to the Congress today. 

TDP and Congress were arch rivals since the TDP’s inception. Former CM, late NT Rama Rao floated the party with an aim to put an end to the arrogance and autocracy of the Congress. But, once again the TDP is getting along with the grand old party. Shockingly, even YS Sharmila is vouching for Congress, the same party which harrased their family after the demise of her father and former CM YS Rajashekhar Reddy.

In all, it is evident that putting aside all the morals, these parties are indirectly coming together with the only motive to defeat KCR. The same group was miserably failed in the last elections as the voters could see through their sinister designs. 

The people of Telangana are very much aware that this alliance lacks any developmental agenda but yet again the Maha Kutami is back to hoodwink the public.