Congress pushed Karnataka into darkness, state in severe power crisis

Karnataka is undergoing a severe power crisis. Not even six months after the formation of the new government, the Congress-ruled state is facing frequent power cuts. Consumers in all the sectors, especially in the farming sector, are in distress.

Congress came to power in Karnataka promising 200 units of free electricity to domestic consumers and 20 hours of power to farmers. However, within months after the Congress government took charge, the state is now being pushed into darkness.

Recently, Karnataka energy minister stated that the government will supply only 5 hours electricity to agriculture that too in shifts. Farmers in the state are now protesting against the state government saying that the power supplied is not sufficient to water their crops.

Farmers across the state are laying siege to electricity department offices and substations. The situation is so alarming that the enraged farmers are even attempting to commit suicide by consuming pesticides. The farming community is questioning that when neighbouring Telangana state can supply 24 hours free power to farmers, why can’t Karnataka do the same. They allege that even the 5 hours power supply is erratic.

The scenario is no different in the capital city – Bengaluru, the city is experiencing scheduled power outages. Even the world cup cricket match held in Bengaluru became a victim of the electricity crisis. The Decision Review System (DRS) in the Australia vs Pakistan cricket match got affected due to power cuts.

According to reports, Karnataka is reeling under a power shortage of 3,000-3,500 MW. Farmers and residents of Karnataka are furious over the inefficiency of the Congress-ruled state government in addressing the crisis.