Congress cadre chased away public in Hanwada for questioning the party

A voter who questioned the Congress leaders is manhandled and chased away. The Congress leader Vinod Kumar was addressing a public meeting at Hanwada mandal in Mahabubnagar belting out the party promises. It was when one Ahmed, one among the crowds asked the leader why the Congress party is not implementing the same in the states ruled by them. He wanted the leader to tell the truth and then make promises to the Telangana people.

Taken aback at the public reaction, the Congress leader and his followers tried to catch him but he ran away. He was chased away by the Congress party workers. Such is the credibility of Congress leaders and their promises. They were out just to hoodwink the people and gain political mileage leaving their promises to winds later. They are so impatient that they do not have enough dare to answer the voters when questioned.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao