Congress has no warranty but it is giving guarantees in Telangana: Minister KTR

Speaking after inaugurating 369 2BHK Dignity houses in four villages of Gambhiraopet Mandal, in Sircilla, Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KTR stated that the water crisis was resolved in Sircilla with Kaleshwaram water filling all the reservoirs in the region.

Minister KTR said, “I feel happy and proud to interact with students of KG to PG campus of Gambhiraopet in English.” Attacking the Congress party, KTR said, “The ones who do not have a warranty are coming to the State to give guarantee.” He added that Congress in its 65-year period could not give water, electricity, and pension, nor help the poor in any form. He added that they utterly failed in doing their job.

KTR said that six things would happen in the state if Congress came to power – the six things included: (1) Farmers will have to suffer from power problems, (2) People will fight for water in front of water tankers, (3) Farmers will have to stand in queue for fertilizers, (4) Every year CM will change, (5) Gram Panchayats will become hamlets, (6) People will not have access to quality education and healthcare system

“Congress couldn’t give Rs. 4000 pensions in Rajasthan, Karnataka, or Chhattisgarh, but they promised to give Rs. 4000 pensions in Telangana. They make these promises only for votes,” said KTR.

“Congress leaders in Sircilla say I did not do any work and the Telangana Congress Chief Revanth Reddy accuses me of taking all the funds to Sircilla. They speak to their advantage. A few leaders today are coming to Telangana and are spilling money to win elections. If BJP and Congress come and give money, take it from them but vote only for BRS,” said KTR.