CM Mr KCR delivers an extroordinary speech on the power sector in the country.


Participating in the debate on the power sector reforms proposed by the Centre government, the chief minister Mr KCR delivered an eloquent,  extempore speech on the power sector and its proposed reforms.

Rejecting the reforms, he said they were aimed at privatised the sector and dealing death blow to the poor, farmers, and other needy sections of the society. The reforms aimed at fixing meter to the agricultural motors charging the farmers for power consumption will only burden them. They will undo the good done to them by the Telangana government in the last eight years. The reforms will affect badly nearly one crore families, he said.

Mr KCR observed that when the Andhra Pradesh government refused to share the power, the Telangana government was forced to buy the same at a high rate to save the farmers. The per capita power consumption in Telangana is 1156 units while the national average is 298 units. This was the achievement of the Vishwaguru, the BJP cadre call Mr Modi fondly making him a cult figure.

The proposed power sector reforms envisage putting up smart meters and jobless to nearly 20 lakh employed in the sector. Mr KCR read out from the Act copy and other documents sent by the Central government to all state governments. However, the local BJP leaders still went on justifying their reforms and throwing false challenges at Mr KCR. They do not have answers to many posers from the chief minister such as the Centre offering additional funds if the state government sold over the TSRTC and privatising the power companies.

Mr KCR came down heavily on the BJP and its anti-constitutional and anti-people policies. He lashed out at their divide-and-rule policy. The BJP government rule took back the country to a century with a falling economy, rising prices, and blatant claims on Hindu unity among others.

TRS MLA Gandra Venkataramana Reddy said the chief minister and his party are totally against the power sector reforms that are aimed at usurping powers of the states and privatising the power sector.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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