The new Parliament building should be named after B R Ambedkar, CM Mr KCR demands.


Besides attacking the power sector reforms proposed by the Centre, the Telangana chief minister Mr KCR demanded that the new Parliament building should be named after B R Ambedkar.

Referring to the agenda being pursued by the BJP, he sought to know if this was the country that gave birth to Mahatma Gandhi, the darling of the masses who liberated the country without bloodshed.

The BJP that makes tall claims on patriotism and nationalism should introspect their deceptive methods. People were registered who was doing what in the country. Even the god will not save the BJP for its nefarious ways of governance.

Mr KCR outrightly criticized the BJP and how it toppled the democratically elected governments in 11 states. A day would come they should face the music from the people. The BJP leaders brazenly claimed that they would also topple the TRS government in Telangana. “What is their strength here? How shamelessly they talk like that,” he posed.

The BJP leaders made democracy a mockery. They left all the decency and decorum to the winds. They dream of remaining in power forever which is a shame. Even the great dictators in history had to bite the dust and the same will happen in the country as well.

 BJP leaders neither at the Centre nor in the state have vision and clarity on priorities and peoples’ welfare. They go on talking as they please and behave like gods threatening everybody. People are no more willing to tolerate such forces anymore. The BJP leaders should realise this.

It is a shame on the part of BJP leaders who now claim to replace the national flag too. They want to replace the multi-party system and bring in one party system to remain in the power. “Let the BJP ban all the parties. The People of the country will show what they can do,” Mr KCR dared.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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