CM KCR says he will make an important statement in Assembly tomorrow.

Calling upon people to strengthen his hands in driving away from the divisive forces such as BJP from the country, the chief minister Mr KCR said he would make an important statement in Assembly tomorrow.

Launching another prestigious programme Mana Ooru Mana Badi in Wanaparthy district and a series of other programmes, he said he would not allow the BJP to divide people and create unrest in Telangana until his last breath.

Addressing a massive public meeting, he said with great effort and sacrifice the separate Telangana was achieved. Every effort was made to improve the standard of living of people. Once upon a time, the Mahabubanagar was known for utter poverty with lakhs of people migrating to far-off places in search of livelihood. Now there is reverse migration. The irrigation and power sector were improved and farmers get help from the Telangana government.

Soon after the meeting, speculation erupted as to what statement he would deliver tomorrow in Assembly. He asked people to wait for an important statement he would be delivering in Assembly tomorrow and wanted them to watch televisions.

The speculation is rife that he might announce a massive recruitment drive the much-awaited news by the youth in Telangana. He may also announce the stipend to unemployed youth as he promised some time ago. There was suspense among people soon after he finished his meeting in Wanaparthy after asking people to wait for the important announcement.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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