CM KCR is a fighter who would never associate with a cheater like Modi: KTR

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi lowered the stature of his position by speaking outright lies today. A PM-level leader displaying such blatant dishonesty is utterly disgraceful and condemnable,” said BRS Working President KTR.

“We are not bitten by a mad dog, to lose our mind and join NDA,” said KTR. “PM Modi claimed that CM KCR sought his permission to appoint me as CM. Why would we need your permission for any decision to be taken by our party and its leadership,” asked KTR.

KTR stated that the Modi-led BJP was the biggest jhuta and jhumla factory in the country. “The Prime Minister should try his hand at storytelling and scriptwriting. He stands a good chance of winning an Oscar,” KTR said. “PM Modi’s inconsistency is evident; If BRS funded Congress in Karnataka, what was the IT and income tax department doing,” he asked.

BRS Working President KTR ridiculed the comments of PM Modi who said BRS does family politics. He added that the Prime Minister was suffering from selective amnesia. Taking a list of examples, KTR said that CM Prakash Singh Badal and Deputy CM Sukbir Singh Badal could potentially align with the NDA, PDP’s Mehbooba Mufti and her daughter Iltija Mufti could also join the NDA, former Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu, and Nara Lokesh may find a place within the NDA, similarly, Shiv Sena Chief Udhav Thakre and Aditya Thakre can be a part of NDA.

“But the Prime Minister turns a blind eye to these facts and only targets BRS, ” he said. “When the PM talks about family politics, one must ask about Jay Shah’s appointment, who is leading Indian cricket in the position of BCCI secretary,” KTR said.

KTR stated that whichever State the Prime Minister visits, he ends up calling its Chief Minister the most corrupt leader. The BJP has earned a reputation as India’s foremost party for empty promises and high rhetoric.

KTR pointed out the unfulfilled promises made by PM Modi for 2022: doubling farm income, achieving a five trillion economy, providing housing for all, creating 2 crore jobs annually, and retrieving black money.

The BRS Working President said that PM Modi has done nothing for Telangana, and he denied national status to irrigation projects, scrapped ITIR, and questioned Telangana’s very existence. He said that the people of Telangana would give a befitting reply to BJP who will lose miserably in the upcoming election in Telangana.

“BJP tourists are welcome to visit Telangana. In the previous election, BJP lost deposit in 105 seats and this time they will lose deposit in 110 seats and will not win a single MP seat here,” KTR said.

KTR stated that NDA was a sinking ship. “Parties like Shiv Sena, TDP, JDU, Shiromani Akali Dal have already left the NDA and at present, only CBI, ED, and IT are a part of NDA,” said KTR. He further questioned as to what happened to those cases levied on Hemanth Biswas, Srujana Choudary, and Jyotiraditya Scindia.

KTR stated that BRS, with the blessings of the people of Telangana, democratically got elected twice and formed the government. The trend would continue and KCR will become a hat-rick CM soon, he added. He added that CM KCR was a fighter who would never wish to have any kind of association with a cheater like Modi who is known for speaking lies.