Modi hurts the sentiments and self-respect of Telangana people

For no reason, PM Mr Modi has developed a kind of vengeance against the Telangana state and its people. He has been questioning the birth of the new state, a result of sacrifices and prolonged struggle. He has been levelling allegations and unfounded accusations against CM K Chandrasekhar Rao and his BRS party who enjoy utmost public faith in the state.

Unbecoming on the part of Prime Minister, Mr Modi on Tuesday lost all his scruples and maligned Mr KCR and his party once again. “It is common for Modi to malign the chief ministers of states wherever he goes. He accuses others of corruption and nepotism. In reality, corruption and nepotism are rampant in states ruled by his BJP,” BRS working president Mr KTR said reacting to the baseless allegations of Mr Modi.

He made it clear that Telangana and its people are not living at anybody’s mercy. They are not slaves or subordinates to bosses of Gujarat or New Delhi. It is this self-respect and self-pride that makes them unique. Mr Modi and his party are jealous of Telangana’s progress and people-friendly rule in the state. Instead of telling people what his party did to the state, the prime minister cheaply engaged in mudslinging at the present regime in Telangana state. “Nobody believes in Modi now. He lost all his credibility. He lowered the image of his office as Prime Minister by disclosing a private talk that nobody knows true or false. A fighter like Mr KCR can never associate with a cheater like Modi,” Mr KTR pointed out.

Mr Modi and his party have been engaged in belittling the freedom fighters and fellow political leaders in the country. He has no agenda for the development and welfare of people but his only avocation is to instigate and divide people for political mileage, the BRS leader said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao