Hallow slogans of BJP and Mr Modi

A message from Prime Minister Mr Modi has been doing rounds in social media telling youth not to go to foreign countries to pursue medicine. This came in the backdrop of the Ukraine crisis where it is said about 20,000 people got stranded in war with Russia.
The prime Minister denied any central institution including medical College to Telangana from where scores of students go to foreign countries to realise their career dreams. Several people from Telangana took to social media asking Mr Modi why not a single medical college was sanctioned to the Telangana state.
It may be mentioned here that there are not enough medical colleges both in private and government sectors owing to strict and outdated policies of the central government. Despite the demand for doctors and medical education in the country, strangely permission to medical colleges remains an enigma. The ruling TRS government daringly decided to start new medical colleges even if the central government decided not to help. By next academic year many medical colleges will come into operation in Telangana and students need not go abroad.
The TRS government needs all appreciation as it decided to set up one medical college in the most backward and agency Mahabubabad district. The building is coming up excellently and holding hope to many tribal students.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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