CM KCR greets Christian community

The Telangana chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhara Rao took part in the grand Christmas celebrations at LB stadium in Hyderabad organised by the state government. Addressing the gathering, he said the teachings of Jesus Christ are ever relevant. He strove for a just and equal society where people lived with love and affection.

The chief minister congratulated Cardinal Phula Anthony on being elected as Cardinal and said he made Telangana and the country proud. Mr KCR said twenty years ago he set out with the “Jai Telangana ” slogan to end the discrimination and deprivation of people in Telangana. With God’s grace and the support of the people, he succeeded.

Telangana is the only state that treats all religions equally and conducts official celebrations in the country. It should be done all over the country. He said he had decided to set forth on another journey now with the “Jai Bharat” slogan. The Christian community and community elders should bless and support him in his noble mission.

Mr KCR said soon he would convene a meeting of all the elders of the Christian community and address their issues. He wished Merry Christmas to the community all over the world. He also gave away gifts to children on the occasion.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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