Country’s economy in doldrums: BRS MP Keshava Rao

Ever since the BJP assumed power in the country at the centre the economy nose-dived and inflation went out of control. The BRS leader in Rajya Sabha K Keshava Rao speaking on allocations on Tuesday said the BJP promised to double the income and provide crores of jobs to youth. But it miserably failed.

There was a cess or surcharge only on 15 commodities in the past but the BJP included 24 commodities thus fleecing the ordinary citizens to the tune of lakhs of crores. The prices of all essential commodities increased manifold but the BJP government remained a mute spectator, the MP said.

It has been instigating ED, IT and CBI raids against leaders of opposition parties of which 95 per cent of cases are wrong. Rao said that as per the RBI report, the per Capita income in Telangana state has increased. The state, which accounts for only two per cent of the country’s population, has been the major contributor to the country’s GDP, he pointed out.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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