Citizen Journalists for Telangana March

Calling Citizen Journalists for Telangana March!

Telangana statehood movement is one of the greatest peoples’ movement in the world today. But, it rarely gets proper coverage in the mainstream. Telugu media is mostly run by Seemandhra businessmen, who oppose Telangana and always portray a negative image about the movement. National media is mostly ignorant about our movement.

In this situation, we have to use Internet and Social networks to make the world know about our movement.

Calling enthusiastic Telangana activists to become Citizen Journalists during the Telangana March which starts on 30th September at Tank Bund. Please help document those historic moments of our movement. We also request you to spread the word and let your friends know about this.


You just need to have a mobile phone with a built-in camera or a digital camera and an internet connection (or an ability to send MMS)

Some directions:

Take Photos & Videos:

When something important is happening in front of you (eg: police hitting an activist) use your mobile camera or digital camera to capture it live. As far as possible try to cover those incidents which are not covered by the mainstream media. Take a photo or video and send it to any national or international media outlet. If you don’t know where to send it, then email it to us asap at: or MMS to 9849-696-536

Keep the videos short:

3-4 minutes is an ideal length for videos; after that the viewer might become bored at excessive footage. Please take care to take both close-up and long-shots of the events happening in front of you.

Remember Battery Life:

When covering long events, be aware that your cell phone battery might die at some point. This goes for both video and Twittering. If you’re serious about your citizen journalism, please keep additional battery or a charger ready. Also do not replicate work. If you have a group of friends, then divide work among yourselves to save battery.

Stay Safe:

There is serious risk involved in being a Citizen Journalist. You might be targeted either by activists or the police. Always keep in mind that your personal safety is more important than anything. Take shelter in a safe place and ensure that you do not get caught in the cross-fire.

Do  watch this Tutorial for Citizen Journalists now:


Citizen Journalism Resources 

– National Media


– International Media



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