Centre plays unfair game with Telangana

The BJP government at the centre which claims to form a government in Telangana in the next general elections perhaps thinks people here are gullible. Everyday, some or other leader of BJP comes out openly or avoids accusations of BRS leaders on denial of development due to the state.

The central government openly denies the much promised and long pending Railway Coach Factory at Kazipet, steel factory at Bayyaram, excluding Telangana in sanctioning of Navodaya schools, IITs, IISc, ISER, medical colleges and according national status to any irrigation project. But the leaders time and again claim that they will offer better government than the present BRS regime resorting to personal attacks on BRS leaders.

They are resorting to bad propaganda against the BRS leaders in social and mainstream media and instigating the ED, IT and CBI against BRS MPs, MLAs, MLCs and ministers to terrify and instil a fear among them. They even tried to poach the ruling party MLAs to topple the democratically elected government as they did in other states.

They never say concretely what they would do to Telangana state. The four MPs and others remain mute spectators to all these injustices of their party in power at the Centre.

But the BJP should realise that the people of Telangana are not naive to believe in them and are politically empowered to see through their claims. They are capable of knowing the difference between word and deed.

As claimed by the BJP leaders, there is no anti-incumbency in Telangana and people are solidly behind KCR who promised and delivered a separate Telangana. They are enjoying the fruits of welfare and development by the BRS government to which they gave their mandate.

The local BJP leaders should open their eyes to the injustices and the latest being the denial of Vande Bharat train by their government at the centre.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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