BRS is the only alternative to BJP: MLC K Kavitha

Stating that the Bharat Jagruthi aims at mobilising women and uniting them for passage of women’s reservation bill, MLC K Kavitha said BRS is the only alternative to BJP in the country.

The BRS is slowly and steadily gaining public acceptance and patronage across the country from one state to another. She said her party will comfortably come to power in Telangana once again and there is no challenge to it in the state.

On the liquor scandal, she said she will bravely face the investigation and will not be intimidated by any party or force. “We have faith in law and Courts” she asserted. K Kavitha wanted to know what is the contribution of the BJP to the country. There was a decline in all sectors as the party adopted pro-capitalist policies rather than working for the masses. Its policies led to further impoverishment of people.

Terming Modi as a salesman, she said he was only after the public sector undertakings that contributed immensely to the country’s growth providing employment to all sections. Steadily and stealthily, Modi is selling them away to private corporates only for political gains. The BRS party will expose all the misdeeds of the BJP across the country.

Referring to the proposed protest at Jantar Mantar demanding passage of women’s reservation bill on March 10, she said the Bharat Jagruthi has the support of various political parties and peoples’ organisations for the purpose.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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