BRS demands Rs. 20 lakh aid for kin of 209 farmers who died in Congress rule

The BRS Party has demanded the Congress government to extend financial assistance of Rs. 20 lakhs to the kin of farmers who have died since the Congress assumed power in Telangana. The BRS suggested CM Revanth Reddy to walk the talk, as he earlier stated that the government would help the families if former CM KCR provided the details.

Recently, the BRS party president said that more than 200 farmers have passed away in the last 100 days. Surprisingly, Revanth challenged this statement and sought details from KCR instead of using his good offices.

However, a media house brought out the details of the 209 farmers who died in the last four months due to various reasons, including suicide. In response to the social media post, the BRS demanded Revanth to help these families who lost their loved ones due to the Congress government’s inefficiency in handling the agricultural sector.

The BRS attributed the deaths to the Congress government’s incompetence, such as delay in the disbursement of Rythu Bandhu, insufficient irrigation water supply, erratic and poor quality of power, electric shocks, and snakebites.