BJP Telangana Poru Yatra – Day 4

Telangana Poru Yatra continued on the fourth day in Ranga Reddy district. There was a gathering of about six thousand people at Kulakacherla village where the first meeting of the day was held. BJP Leader Baddam BalReddy, TNGO leader C. Vittal were present at the meeting.

Speaking on the occasion, Vittal said that the T-JAC and all the employees of Telangana are in solidarity with the yatra. He said that the CM has failed in his promise of not harassing employees who participated in the sakala janula same. Balreddy speaking on the occasion said that Ranga Reddy district has lost the most in all spheres of development due to the failure of Congress Government on all fronts.

Later in the day, he addressed a gathering at Khosgi which falls in Mahabubnagar district. He said that BJP will try by all means to develop the backward district. The yatra proceeded to Tandur where a public meeting was held. Kishan Reddy said that BJP will not tolerate if Government continues to harass the employees and students who have participated in the sakala janula samme and warned Kiran Kumar Reddy of dire consequences if government continues to harass Telangana activists.

Late in the evening, Kishan Reddy addressed meetings at Vikarabad, Shankarapally and Cihlkuru. At all the places, impressive crowds attended the yatra. At Vikarabad, many JAC groups joined the meeting and responded with high enthusiasm when Kishan Reddy spoke of how Congress and Telugu Desam have ditched the cause of Telangana.

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