BJP Telangana Poru Yatra – Day 3

BJP’s Telangana Poru Yatra started on the third day with meeting the local poor farmers at Bejenepally (where Kishan Reddy had stayed overnight) and listening to their problems and issues. The first meeting on the third day of the yatra was held at Nagar Kurnool town where an overwhelming crowd has attended the meeting. BJLP Leader Yendala Laxminarayana, local Ex-MLA Nagam Janardhan Reddy, and retired Telangana Engineers and also participated. Speaking on the occasion, Nagam expressed his solidarity to the yatra and expressed the faith that BJP would definitely deliver Telangana. Retired Engineers spoke about the non-completion of pending projects in the district.

Addressing the gathering, Kishan Reddy said that Sonia has only one thing in her mind and that is to make Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister and is not at all bothered about the aspirations of the 4 crore people of this region. He said that Chandrababu Naidu has lost total credibility due to his 2 eyes theory and said that people would teach him a lesson in the days to come.

Yendala Laxminarayana has said that Mahabubnagar district is the worst effected due to the loss of Krishna waters when the erstwhile Hyderabad state was divided and the upper regions of Mahabubnagar regions were merged with Karnataka. He said that Telangana has lost about 100 TMC of gravity water on various projects on River Bheema, 54 TMC of gravity water on upper Krishna and 19.4 TMC of gravity water on ThungaBhadra.

Later during the day, Kishan Reddy addressed road shows at Kalvakurthy and Veldanda. At both the places, impressive crowds were seen. At Kalwakurthy, many students joined the meeting and responded with high enthusiasm when Kishan Reddy spoke of how Congress and Telugu Desam have ditched the cause of Telangana.

Later, he addressed a very huge public meeting at Amangal. Speaking on the occasion, Kishan Reddy wondered what both Congress and TDP have done to Mahabubnagar district all these years when they both were in power. He said that the only credit the district got was being known worldwide as “Palamuru Labor”. He demanded that Congress party should give Telangana or should be prepared to politically die in this region.

After addressing 2 road shows at Talakondapally and Keshampeta, the yatra reached Shadnagar, where an impressive crowd had attended the public meeting.

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