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BJP taking politics to new low in Telangana

The latest accusations by BJP leader Ms D K Aruna against the ruling TRS government reflects the moral bankruptcy of the party.
As per her comments, every Telangana person who questions her party is a TRS goon and nothing short of it. When a group of people in Gadwal questioned the BJP leader Mr Bandi Sanjay over paddy procurement and the discrimination against Telangana, the BJP cadre attacked them terming them as goons of TRS party trying to block his praja sangrama yatra.
Soon the BJP leader from the district Ms DK Aruna went to town accusing the ruling TRS party.
She did not differentiate between ordinary Telangana people and TRS cadre. But she went on accusing the TRS cadre of trying to kill her party leader which does not have any base.
The BJP leaders seem very ignorant that people of Telangana are strongly against their party due to refusal to procurement of paddy from the state. The politics being adopted by Bandi Sanjay tour seems purely to divide people in Telangana.
The language being used by BJP leaders against the ruling government is very bitter and much to the distaste of common Telangana people.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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