BJP on prowl as TPCC remains a divided house

The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) leaders are embroiled in an unending conflict. The seniors within the party have been opposing Mr Revanth Reddy since his appointment as TPCC chief. Some tried their best to influence the party’s high command to prevent him from being made the party chief. Now, differences come to the fore with the AICC announcing new committees for Telangana state.

Seniors are sulking and accused Revanth Reddy of accommodating his people who joined along with him from TDP ignoring loyal seniors within the Congress party. Seniors D Rajanarasimha, Batti Vikramarka, Madhu Yashki and a score of others came out openly calling themselves “original Congress” and with the slogan ‘Save original Congress’.

They have been meeting on a daily basis at Batti Vikramarka’s house and plan to meet the party’s high command in New Delhi on December 21. Senior leader K Jana Reddy and MLA D Seethakka highlighted the differences as routine and said they all would work for party victory in ensuing assembly elections.

Meanwhile, the greedy BJP leaders are on the prowl to lure dissident Congress leaders. The BJP desperately needs candidates to contest in all 119 assembly seats. Reportedly, the BJP leaders DK Aruna and K Rajagopal Reddy are in touch with the dissidents of the Congress party. They are allegedly not only offering tickets but are also making other assurances as well.

This clearly exposed the hollow claims of the BJP that vowed to unseat the BRS government and come to power in Telangana. They hardly have candidates to field in all the Assembly seats but are giving loud slogans.

The BJP is also planning to hold a meeting of its Lok Sabha constituency in-charges in Hyderabad this month which seems to be another mind game being played by it to divert Telangana voters. The BJP does not have a grassroots-level party organisation or mass base at the village level as the ruling BRS party has. Better they focused on building their party rather than poaching leaders from Congress and BRS parties.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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