BJP MP Bandi Sanjay drama is like pot calling the kettle black.


The much publicised drama by the BJP state unit president and MP Mr Bandi Sanjay reflected his party’s moral bankruptcy and helplessness. Taking against Telangana and its development always, they are mongering for power in Telanagna in the next elections.


However, people are aware of the drama being enacted by the BJP leaders in the state. Moreover, it is surprising to see the national leaders goading Mr Sanjay and others to go ahead with their logger-heads with the ruling TRS government in Telangana that proved itself with its unequalled performance in all sectors.

Ironically, it was the BJP government at centre issued several guidelines in view of the prevailing Corona and Omicron menace and they are being flouted by their own party leaders here. The Telangana ministers and officials are spending sleepless nights to tide over the impending crisis and they too issued several guidelines such as prohibiting larger gatherings and implementing corona protocols.


Throwing the prohibitory orders to the winds, Mr Sanjay went on with his protest drama over a non-issue of transfer of employees as per new zonal orders.


The chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao has already ordered officials to implement the orders and if need be review and correct them following complaints from employees. In fact, there was no need for any protest from any quarter. Several employees unions were in unison with Mr KCR’s decisions and directions.


With the Court ordering for 14-day remand of Mr Sanjay and others, now the BJP is trying to unveil another drama by bringing in its national leaders to spew venom at ruling TRS government.


The BJP leaders should remember the experiences they had in West Bengal during the last elections where they went every mile to unseat Mamata Benarjee. The same lesson they will get in Telangana as well observed several political analysts.

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