BJP is spoiling the harmonious atmosphere in Telangana state.

With unlimited greed for power and with an imperialist mindset, the BJP has created unrest in the state.
By unleashing the Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax departments against the ruling TRS party leaders, The officials targeted the TRS leaders only. The officials broke open the house of minister Gangula Kamalakar when he was abroad. His relative and TRS Rajya Sabha member V Ravi Chandra properties were raided on allegations of showing false accounts of granite export and money laundering.
Next they summoned the brothers, son and personal assistant of minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav and MLC L Ramana on money laundering charges.

Now for the past three days, the IT officials are raiding the properties of minister Ch Malla Reddy.
There is widespread public resentment over the raids aimed at ruling TRS party leaders.

By terrifying and harassing opposite party leaders, the BJP wants to tame them and admit them into their party ahead of forthcoming general elections.

The BJP has no worthy candidates to contest in all the 119 assembly constituencies. Hence it is targeting candidates with money and some popularity and those associated with the TRS party. It wants to sabotage the TRS party and dreams to seize power in Telangana in the 2023 elections.

The BJP left all the decency and decorum to winds and stands naked now in public. It is ready to stoop to any level in its greed for power, particularly in Telangana.

However, the public mood down the village level is against the BJP. They are aware of what is going on political front in the state and how the BJP is torturing KCR a man to whom they look up in respect. It was he who promised and delivered the separate Telangana restoring the self respect of people.

The days are not far when the people of Telangana virtually chase away the BJP leaders if they continue their harassment of TRS leaders.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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