Governors should not delay bills, former judge of Supreme Court Justice BP Jeevan Reddy.

The Governors should strictly follow the traditions and conventions to avoid friction with the council of ministers in the states.

They should uphold the decency and decorum of the office they are holding.
Justice Jeevan Reddy said the governor should either clear the bills or send them to the President at the earliest. Any delay in discharge of their duties would lead to unnecessary confrontation.

The government would be forced to amend laws to stipulate a time limit for governors in clearing the bills. Only the council of ministers have ultimate decision making powers. It is a powerful body in democracy.

If Governors get into a tussle with the council of ministers, the people cannot move the Court against them or President of the country as per Article 361 that provides immunity to the Governors and the President.

Hence the Governors should strive for mutual faith.

Justice Jeevan Reddy said only the council of ministers have powers to remove or recommend for appointment of vice chancellor.

Justice Jeevan Reddy was addressing a meeting organised by the High Court advocates association on the eve of Constitution day at the High Court on Saturday.

State advocate general B S Prasad, advocates association president V Raghunath and others were present.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao 

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