BJP and Modi ruining the country must go, CM KCR says.



The BJP led NDA government and maverick Prime Minister Mr Modi should go if the country is to be saved, said chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao.

The BJP government miserably failed on all counts and indeed proved to be dangerous to the social fabric of the country. What happens if the Karnataka-like incidents spread across the country? Is it desirable? he sought to know.

Instead of focusing on development, the BJP spent all its seven-year of time dividing people to gain in elections and engaged in false propaganda.

Mr KCR pointed out that industrial production had taken a dip from 4.4 percent to 0.4 percent while as many as 33 businessmen mostly Gujarathi friends of Mr Modi fled the country looting crores of rupees from banks. When India bought 36 Rafale jets at 9.4 billion dollars, the Indonesia bought 42 jets for just eight billion dollars. “There is a very big scandal in this issue,” he alleged.

Terming Mr Modi as eccentric, Mr KCR said what need had he got to involve in American elections. Does he think it was the election for Ahmedabad municipal corporation?. The country lost its image with his publicity mongering.

On his statements against Mr Rahul Gandhi, the chief minister said not just Rahul Gandhi but half of the country including himself had doubts over the much claimed surgical strikes. The BJP should give evidence.

To undo all these and to save the country, Mr KCR said there was a strong need for all anti-BJP forces to unite. He said efforts were on in that direction and he would soon be meeting Maharashtra chief minister Mr Uddhav Thackery and West Bengal chief minister Mr Mamatha Benarjee. Tamilnadu chief minister Mr Stalin was in touch.

“I cannot say now what shape it will take and when but certainly a strong force will emerge and I will be playing a key role in unseating the BJP. The BJP should be rooted out,” Mr KCR asserted.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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