Bathukamma, a symbol of Telangana culture

HYDERABAD: Batukamma, the festival of flowers that is unique to the Telangana state in the world is being celebrated with full gaiety and religious all over the state.

With only a few days to go, thousands and lakhs of women are celebrated the festival including the state capital Hyderabad on a large scale. The state government having declared it as the state festival since the formation of separate Telangana, with officially organising and funding has added a new fillip to the merriment.

The festival envisages womenfolk going around the nearby fields and forests gather numerous flowers such as – Cassia (thangedu), luffa (bera), celosia (gunugu), nelumbo (thamara) cucurbita (gummadi), marigold (banthi), crossandra (kanakambaram), ixora (ramabanam), hibiscus (mandhara), and so are collected and splendidly arranged in an enticing cone-shaped on plates. They are carried to be nearby temples or street corners and place in centre. Womenfolk go around it singing songs in praise of Lord Durga for nine days which concludes on Dasera festival day.

The legend has it that Gauri Devi, the daughter of Lord Shiva married against his wishes to Lord Shiva and he did not invite her to the Yagna performed at his home. However, she visits the Yagna and feeling humiliated at her father’s disdain, she jumps into the fire lit for Yagna. Since then, the women pray for her life and sing Bakutamma. There are many legends attached to the festival that has been there since times immemorial.

Oflate, due to the emergence of media, it took several colours and become very popular. Bathukamma still remains an integral part of the life and culture of Telangana people.


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