Azim Premji of Wipro showers praises on Minister KTR


Wipro has decided to set up a consumer care factory investing Rs 300 crore at Maheswaram in Hyderabad. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Premji, Founder of Wipro Group, said Mr. K T Rama Rao was an excellent speaker. Mr. Premji also said that the Telangana Government is progressive, very committed, and equally proactive and they would continue to invest in Telangana in the future. Meanwhile, Genome Valey of Canada set up its pharma unit worth Rs 250 crore and described Telangana as the best place to invest.

Mr K T Rama Rao said speaking at the Wipro inauguration occasion said that even the businessmen from Ahemdabad are preferring Hyderabad. Mr Premji remembering the bad days of corona said no other state could help as Telangana government did. He said both the government and the people are very transparent and honest in their efforts.

Mr Rama Rao explained that during the past seven years, the Telangana government could attract an investment of Rs 2.20 lakh crore and it helped provided employment to 16 lakh youth. The present Wipro consumer care factory at KC Thanda in Maheswaram is expected to provide employment to 900 persons.

Mr Rama Rao also reminded that Mr Premji has donated Rs 25 crore during the Corona period to the state government and spent Rs 44 crore towards health relief funds for various non-governmental organizations. The minister urged Mr Premji to establish a private university in Telangana and it would help change the very face of education in the state.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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