“Ashok Babu misused Samaikyandhra Donations”

APNGOs union, which was in the forefront of the Samaikyandhra movement, has split vertically. Dissidents from the union have levelled serious allegations on APNGO leader Ashok Babu. They say Ashok Babu has misused money collected for the Samaikyandhra Sabha held at LB Stadium recently.

APNGO dissident leader Subbarayan and others held a press conference in Hyderabad and revealed several secrets about the Samaikyandhra movement.

The dissident leaders say that Ashok Babu is nurturing political ambitions. They say he is acting on the direction of CM Kiran and Lagadapati Rajgopal.

The breakaway group of APNGOs is planning to meet on 8th December at Srikakulam to decide their future course of action.

The split in APNGOs, which was playing an important role in Samaikyandhra agitation, is bound to have a serious impact on the future of anti-Telangana agitation in Seemandhra.

Ashok Babu is already facing several allegations about submitting fake degree certificate to get a government job in Hyderabad.

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