Appeal to non-resident Telanganites


We will keep this short and simple. Since Congress seems to be back with its age old antics, we are gearing up for a massive Telangana March starting Sept 30th. In all probability, this will be long drawn struggle. Police have already started rounding up activists in Hyderabad and districts. Several dozens of checkposts are erected in and around Hyderabad to stop people from coming to the March.

But, we are hopeful that the massive turnout will break all cordons and reach the venue – Tank Bund and Necklace Road.

I would urge you to do the following things to contribute your bit to the movement:

Spread the Word – Offline: Please call/email/message all your friends and family members in Telangana to participate in this March. Every additional person at the March will bring us closer to achieving our dream. Ask them to come prepared to stay a day or two. If they stay in Hyderabad, ask them to attend the event from dawn to dusk and then come back the next day.

Inform the World – Online: We all know the power of internet and social media and how it has helped the Arab Spring Revolution. Please start sharing information about Telangana March on Facebook, Twitter, Email Forums, Blogs and Websites. Let the world know how undemocratic Indian government is towards Telangana. Let the whole world see the atrocities committed on our movement. As new images, news keep coming in from the battlefront, take a moment to share it with the world.

Here are a couple of websites with more information for you:

Inform the Media: This is an area of serious concern for us. Please use your contacts in international media and make our voice heard. While we are sending out press releases to all national and international media, your voice makes a lot of difference. Email the editors/correspondents and reporters of all national and international media about the event and also urge them to cover it in their publications

Shame the leaders: In spite of several requests, Telangana leaders in Congress and TDP continue with their shameless attitude towards the statehood movement. Please call them today and question them about their indifference towards the movement. Shame them everyday!

Extend Solidarity: Several chapters of TDF, TeNA and other Non-Resident Telangana organizations are planning solidarity rallies and meetings. Please check with your local chapter and see to it that you attend such events. Send us the pictures and videos of the same. It will provide a huge boost for activists on the ground.

Contribute: Last but not the least. Please understand that our movement runs on individual contributions and we are fighting against a corrupt and ultra-rich Seemandhra mafia. Donate liberally to your local NRI Telangana association and they will in turn decide how to spend that money. You can also sponsor food, posters, leaflets, banners, t-shirts, caps, CDs etc. for the event.

One last word before I take leave.


Telangana is the largest peaceful people’s movement in the world today. We have a very reliable and intelligent leadership in the form of TJAC. And its just a matter of time before we realize our goal. Let us keep the trivial issues aside and stay focused.

Jai Telangana

MissionTelangana Team

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