Anti-Flourosis Deeksha in Delhi by TNF

Duscharla Satyanarayana speaking to the media at Flourosis deeksha

Telangana Netizen’s Forum is conducting a deeksha at New Delhi to bring the Flourosis issue to the notice of national leadership. The 2 day deeksha is being jointly organized by Nalgonda Jalasadhana Samithi and TNF.

Several Flourosis affected individuals from Nalgonda district are participating in this Deeksha. Jala Sadhana Samithi leader Duscharla Satyanarayana is leading the deeksha.

BJP leader Prakash Javadekar, Congress MPs V Hanumantha Rao, Rapolu Anand Bhasker, TRS MP Vivek, BJP leader Sriram Vedire were among those who visited the Deeksha site and extended solidarity

TRS MP Vivek said that Telangana state should make it a priority to provide clean drinking water to all its citizens.



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