ABVP Cadre Fill Streets of Nizamabad

Pic: ABVP Cadre at the Nizamabad meeting

Thunderous slogans of Jai Telangana echoed in Nizamabad, demanding the introduction of the statehood bill in monsoon session of the Parliament.  The ‘Vidyarthi Samarabheri’ held by the Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) on Wednesday in Nizamabad town warned the Central Government that people of Telangana, who are fed up of the Centre’s indecisiveness, would revolt against it.

The student rally conducted by ABVP later culminated into a huge public meeting at the NTR chourastha in the town. Thousands of students, leaders, representatives of various peoples’ movements participated in the meeting.

The ABVP meet gave a call to everyone fighting for Telangana to unite and fight till the statehood is achieved.  Student leaders, who spoke at the meeting  condemned the unilateral decision of the assembly speaker to reject the resignations. They termed this action as an insult to the martyrs of the land.

The student leaders s opined that Government has no respect towards Democracy and taken a similar stand on Telangana like in the case of corruption by arresting students.  All the speakers at the meeting encouraged the students to continue fighting for Telangana till the goal is achieved.

The Telangana Lecturers Forum and the Nizamabad Bar Association leaders also participated in the public meeting and pledged their support to the students. They condemned the illegal arrests of the students and gave a call to intensify the agitation. All in all, the ABVP meeting was a roaring success and reflected the spirit of student fervor towards Telangana.

By Thirmal Reddy Sunkari

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