A fresh video in the vote for note case surfaces

A fresh video clip of Revanth Reddy has surfaced in the note for vote case. This video could play a crucial role in the ongoing investigation.

TPCC Working President Revanth Reddy (who was the then MLA from TDP) was arrested by the Telangana Police when he was caught offering Rs. 50 lakhs to the nominated MLA Elvis Stephenson.

The 11-minute video recording shows that Revanth Reddy spoke several matters with Stephenson.

MLA Elvis Stephenson was offered cash to vote in favor of the Telugu Desam in the 2015 MLC election in Telangana.

The 11-minute clip reveals that one ‘Babu’ arranged the money that was to be paid to Elvis Stephenson through intermediaries if he voted in TD’s favor.

It was shot on a phone camera in parallel to the spy cameras installed by the ACB during the deal.

Though the video was recorded in 2015, it came to light four years later as the case has been put on the fast track.

This video could be a significant breakthrough in the case as all accused in the ‘cash-for-vote’ scam, including Congress working president Revanth Reddy and his close aid Uday Simha, have denied ownership of the money.

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